Sunday, January 15, 2017

Welcome to Ecuatrust's blog!

Ecuatrust is dedicated to helping people move to Ecuador. This blog is designed to provide current and up to date information of interest to people in the process of, or even thinking about relocating to beautiful Ecuador.

Ecuador has been ranked as one of the foremost retirement destinations, with a relatively low cost of living in a country that offers the whole range weather and geography - from high in the Andes mountains, to the Amazon rain forests, to beautiful pacific beaches.

While Ecuador has made it as easy as possible to become a resident - far simpler than most Latin or Central American countries - the process can still appear complicated and intimidating to those unfamiliar with it. And too, for many people moving here, there is no getting around the fact it is a different country with a different culture. The combination of these things can make moving to Ecuador somewhat overwhelming. We formed Ecuatrust to help make it less so.

We value a long term relationship with our clients. Of course the starting point is the visa process - that is what people most often seek help with. And Ecuatrust can help you with every aspect of that process - from helping you assemble required documents, to obtaining certified translations, to filing everything with you. But we strive to be there to provide help in more and different ways. We can help you find the best place to live. If you're not sure where in Ecuador you want to end up, we can help you with temporary housing to serve as a base of operation while you tour the country. Yep - we can hook you up with reputable people that will show you the country.

But anyway, this is just a starting point. Check by often - we try to keep the page current and provide you with up to date news and features that may be helpful. For example - stay tuned for a post that will outline the new and fairly substantial changes to Ecuadorian immigration law.

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